How to Get into the Cesspool Service Business

When you look past the natural fear you would have for dealing in raw sewage, the cesspool service business is one of the most profitable and requiring minimal capital costs. You will have a ready market and the services you offer are essential so you have room for charging a premium. A cesspool pumping service in Long Island has high chances as this area has older homes which are yet to be connected to sewage mains.

Cesspool Pumping Service Long Island

I really want this article to really get some of you motivated to get into the poop business. That is what the blog is about, well at least one off the things!!

  • Market

It is estimated that a third of US homes rely on cesspools. This is a big number. In the Long Island area, most of the homes are from an older area so their systems are outdated and rely on cesspools that fill fast needing constant pumping.

Proper maintenance of cesspools is closely watched by the authorities due to the environmental and health danger they pose. This will give you an excuse to do push marketing, identifying cesspool owners who you can persuade that they need your services.

If you provide good services be sure that you will always have ready customers as people must go to the bathroom. In a community like Long Island homeowners like working with a trusted service provider, so if your services are good you will have loyal customers.

  • Requirements

Although the cesspool service business is simple and straightforward to start and operate, you will need some bare minimums;

  • Cesspool truck

You really can’t do without this essential equipment. The cost of a cesspool truck will depend on its capacity and features.  The bigger the carrying tank the bigger the pump and the higher capacity of the draining pipes. A new truck with a 4,000 gallon tank will typically go for upwards of $100,000.  A used truck will go for as low as $30,000.

  • Skills

You will need to have knowledge on the working of a cesspool tank. Other skills needed would be maintaining grease traps and drains and other issues around the cesspool. Plumbing skills are also highly recommended as you will be fixing plumbing systems damaged by a malfunctioning cesspool or the other way round.

  • Plumbing equipment

Many at times, a malfunctioning cesspool will affect other parts of the plumbing system. To give more wholesome service you would require plumbing equipment to unblock drains, change piping, and dig around and so on.  You will also require safety equipment particularly a breathing unit as getting into a cesspool can easily suffocate you.  Specialist examination video equipment is also recommended for better safety.

  • Disposal location

Cesspool pumping costs to your customers will also depend on the distance that you will travel to do waste disposal.  Your best option would be a county run sewage site. You will be charged lower and make a better working relation with the sewage department.

  • Business plan

No business can successfully operate without a sound strategy on how it will be funded, provide service and penetrate the market. A business plan will give you a platform to evaluate your performance and achievement from time to time. If you are relying on lenders for startup capital, they will ask to see the business plan.

You can get many sample business plans from the internet. An alternative would be the nearest office of the Small Business Administration. You can get guided on starting a business and access resources on issues such as bookkeeping and management.

  • Analyze the competition

The cesspool service business is fairly competitive due to the good returns. A good analysis of the competition will help you penetrate the market faster. You can check for similar service providers online using yellow pages.  A visit to the sewage department can also help identify poorly serviced areas where your services could be in higher demand. Ask questions on average septic tank cleaning cost, regulations of operations, catchment area and so on.

  • Ownership

Consider the kind of ownership model that is best for you. You can start from scratch; buy the equipment, grow your market and get experience on the job. This kind of startup will be harder but yield better results in the long term. You will build a brand and get a loyal customer base.

You could also buy an existing business. If you are willing to give a good offer you can a business that is returning fair returns. This kind of startup will give you access to the market faster. The main problem would be customer rejection if you and the previous owner have different working ethics.

You could also consider franchising. This model allows you to operate under the name of a big brand well known in the market.

The cesspool service business is simple to start and you could start off with one truck and as a one man operation. You stand to making good money as you will always be meeting a felt need.

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