Using Indoor Air Quality Testing to Prevent Mold In NYC

Using Indoor Air Quality Testing in NYC to Prevent Mold Growth in your Home

Mold growth in a home can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the house structure, items and poses a health risk for the inhabitants. The Institute of Medicine showed a clear relation between mold growth and risks to human health in respiratory problems, allergies, and even death.  Killing and preventing mold growth should be a regular task for a homeowner to ward off this risk. Mold thrives in damp, poorly ventilated and lit places. Mold removal NYC experts say preventing build-up of excess moisture on surfaces in the home is the best way to keep away the mold.


Clear HVAC vents

The condensation in HVAC vents makes them natural breeding grounds for mold.  Clutter in the vents obstructs the free flow of air, and provide more surface area for mold to grow on. mold in the HVAC vents poses a great risk as it contaminates the air leading to adverse effects.

HVAC vents should be regularly checked and cleared of any clutter and debris. Air quality testing NYC services should be regularly called to do air tests for mold spores to check on any mold growth in the vents.

Properly sized AC units

Mismatched AC units circulate the air poorly if the AC unit does not have enough capacity and power to push the air through the house. This means humid air remains in the house and condenses onto surfaces in the house. Repeated condensation provides favorable conditions for mold growth. Having a properly matched AC unit keeps humidity levels low discouraging mold growth.

Monitoring humidity

Humidity levels in the house should be closely monitored. Ideally humidity levels should not exceed 50%. A dehumidifier can be installed to keep humidity levels low to discourage mold growth.

No standing water

Standing water is a natural medium for mold and other harmful pathogens. Standing water can accumulate on floors from flooding and dripping water from plumbing leaks. Standing water should be removed as soon as it is noted and its source investigated. Mold remediation NYC services can be called in if the standing water has led to extensive mold growth and water damage.


Floors and walls leaking in water are a common cause of mold growth. Sealing these surfaces can prevent any moisture getting through and accumulating. There are many varieties of sealers for different surfaces. Waterproofing can also be done to building floors and walls to prevent water seepage

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